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Why Avril Lavigne Is Best? Know All About Her..



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Who do not know the name of Avril Lavigne, she is one of the most popular French Canadian songwriter and singer of Hollywood industry. She was born in the year of 1984 on 27th of September in Ontario. Her name is included among the beautiful singers of Hollywood. She spent her childhood in the town of Nappanee. When she was just 15 years old she made her first stage appearance with Shania Twain. Just after her first appearance on stage, she got 2 albums contract having a worth of 2 million dollars. When she became 17 years old Avril Lavigne professionally enters into the music industry and came up with her debut album named as Let Go. Just after the launch of her first album she became the popular pop female singer of Hollywood. In just 3 years, she became too famous and her debut album made a record of most selling records approx. 30 million albums.

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Personal Life

The fans of Avril always wanted to know the personal life of her, at the start of her career she used to date with Deryck Whibley. After few years, they both got married but could last their relationship. In the year of 2006 they tied a knot but unfortunately just after 3 years in 2009 they divorced. Later on, she started dating with Chad Koreger who is well known for his guitar skills. In the year of 2013 they both tied a knot together and went Italy for their honeymoon.

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Since Avril Lavigne starts her career, every single song from her new album hit the billboard of top 20 or 50 lists. She had given many famous and popular songs to the Hollywood industry. In the United States of America, she was among the top-selling singer having worth of 11 million copies. In United Kingdom, she is recognized as the most successful young singer of the industry.

Sometimes later Avril Lavigne breaks from music and enters into a film industry as well as fashion designing. She worked as the voice over artist for an animated movie named as an Over the Hedge. In the year of 2006 she debuts her first feature film named as Fast Food nation. Side by side with this, she launched her fragrances and fashion apparel series which is the best way to attract their fans.

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