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Veena Malik the most controversial actress



When we talk about the controversial actress of Pakistan Showbiz Industry; the name of Veena Malik comes first in the queue. She is one who kept projecting herself all the time to be in the limelight of media with one or the other matter irrespective of the fact it is termed out as a good or bad in the Muslim society. Because of her provoking attitude of controversial stories and liberal approach of the modern society, she had to leave a Muslim society with a view Veena Malik had not to face any problem in pursuing her ambition of becoming an actress and modeling.

Veena Malik

Veena MalikVeena Malik smile

The actress was born on February 26, 1984 in a Muslim family at Rawalpindi, Punjab, Pakistan. Her father name is Mohammad Ali Malik who had retired from Pakistan Army officer as major, and her mother name is, Zeenat Malik. Veena Malik was considered to be a link from a Persian family. She had worked as a representative at the World Health Organization for a period of two years. She had also sponsors a child at the SOS Children’s Village, working with orphaned children. Her sisters had completed advanced educations and had adopted on to successful, professional careers education.

Veena Malik

Veena MalikVeena Malik from her religion show

We believe our reader must not have even heard or imagined the point which we are going to reveal them below. It would not be an intersecting only to the whole world but also be a surprise for those who considered themselves being true Muslim that a Pakistani actress could also go up to such extent where a normal man irrespective of his believe if he is Muslim or not, they all feel ashamed of doing such thing. She is the one who broke the record for Guinness World Records for getting maximum kisses on her birthday show Guinness World Records. Further to this context and because her looks and get up she was declared and ranked 26 on FHM India’s 100 beautiful women list in 2012.
Veena Malik

Before starting her career off as an actress, Veena Malik had worked as a comedian for several television shows and series. She had made her acting debut alongside Shaan and Zara Sheikh in Askari’s Tere Pyar Mein some time back in 2000, which was a box office hit. Veena Malik and husband Asad Bashir Khan Khattak had performed Umrah just after marriage. The actress herself revealed the news on Twitter.

Veena MalikVeena Malik In Indian dress

Veena MalikVeena Malik hot

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