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Tom Hardy – Tattoos and his charm



Tom Hardy

Today we are highlighting the star of Hollywood and whose name is Edward Thomas Hardy. He was born on September 15th in the year of 1977. By profession, Tom Hardy is an English actor. Hardy has appeared in many films and television series, his most noticeable films are Star Trek: Nemesis, Rock n Rolla, Bronson, Tinker Tailor, Warrior, Soldier Spy, Dark Knight Rises and many more. He has won his first award for his most amazing film Inception for which he won Bafta Rising star award. His television roles include The Virgin Queen, Wuthering Height, The take and many others. His upcoming movies are Mad Max: Furry Road in which he played a role of Max Rokatansky.

Tom Hardy Tom Hardy tattoos

Tom Hardy

In the year f 1999 he married an actress named Sarah Ward but due to some personal reasons they got divorced in 2004. From his ex-girlfriend whose name was Rachael Speed, he has a son whose name is Louis Thomas. Later on started dating with an actress named Charlotte Riley when they met on the set of television series ‘’The Take’’. Later on, they decided to engage in 2010. In an Interview to Attitude magazine, he said that he has a relation with a man because he is an actor and he have to do everything, but originally he is not Gay. But the downfall of his career started when he got addicted to Alcohol and cocaine.

Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy Tom Hardy young

Tom Hardy Tom Hardy in beard

There is no doubt that, Tom Hardy is a multi-talented actor in Hollywood. He has the charm to performing in Theater, movies, television and another platform as well. Until yet, Hardy has won two award one is for Inception as a Rising star award and another one is for best actor award for his movie Bronson. One thing which is very usual in his character is that he uses to make natural get up for his movies which are really motivating for other actors too. He has a huge fan following and it is still increasing because he is a true asset of Hollywood industry. We pray that he will achieve more and more success in future and got more work for the sake of his fans entertainment.

Tom Hardy Tom Hardy famous star

Tom Hardy Tom Hardy from movie scene

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