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China & Dubai Leading in Innovation Game to Fight Covid19



Smart Helmet Temperature

Smart Helmet Temperature Monitoring Device

In recent news Dubai security forces wearing Smart Helmets to monitor the temperature of the people from a safe distance. The video is getting very popular on social media.

Smart Helmet Temperature monitoring device can be very handy in this crisis-era of COVID-19 where everyone is scared, resourceless they don’t know how to control this virus to spread out.

Smart Helmet Temperature is a very useful device to detect temperature from a safe distance and not just temperature monitoring it has several other functions as well.

Such as:

  • Single-person temperature measurement mode
  • Large-crowd temperature measurement mode
  • QR code mode
  • QR code & temperature measurement mode
  • License plate recognition mode
  • License plate recognition & temperature measurement mode
  • Thermographic diagnostic imaging mode
  • Night-vision/Facility inspection mode
  • Face recognition mode

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