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ShahRukh Khan is King Khan



Shahrukh Khan

On the day of 2nd November 1965 a cute baby name Shahrukh Khan was born in Talwar Nursing Home located in New Delhi. Like other babies born in the nursing home a nurse who used to work there called this baby a blessing from the GOD. No one knew that time, this cute little baby will going to be a KING of Bollywood industry. Yes we are talking about the great star, the dream hero of every child in India and in the world.

Shahrukh KhanShahRukh Khan in glasses

Shahrukh KhanShahRukh Khan smile

ShahRukh Khan lived his childhood life in Rajinder Nagar. After attending the play school he started his formal education from the High school St. Columb, New Delhi. This school was located near Gole market in India. This school was famous for its discipline and high standard education.

Shahrukh KhanShahRukh Khan in hoody

Shahrukh Khan

The struggling story of the star we all know how ShahRukh Khan started his career from the small work in the theatre and end up in industry later on. His theatre shows include “Fauji” After the death of his parents, he decided to come to Mumbai the heart of film industry in india. he wanted to take a fresh start there. After the full struggling phase he managed to get his first entry role in movie Deewana which was released in 1992. This movie was a super hit which got the young start a lot of appreciations and awards. This was the first victory to his long-lasting film career.

Shahrukh Khan

Shahrukh KhanShahRukh Khan JAB TAK HAI JAAN

ShahRukh Khan is known not only for romantic participation but also for villain roles like his films Baazigar and Darr released in 1993 both the roles were negative role, which he done very effectively. After the success of his first films he got on top of the fame list in Indian film industry and made his name. After that he has made several movies himself and worked in a lot of other movies which mostly of the movies got hit. He is known for his quality work, people always prefer to watch his movies because they know his role is worth watching.

Shahrukh KhanShahRukh Khan in leather jacket

Shahrukh Khan

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Shahrukh Khan

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