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Serena Williams doubles and career earnings



Serena Williams

Today we are going to discuss this famous athlete in this article. Our focus will be on Serena Williams doubles and her complete biography. Most of the people are also searching over the internet about Serena Williams career earnings. We will also discuss that. Serena Williams is one of the most famous tennis star players. She was born on September in the year of 1984, she belongs to USA. Like many other stars, Williams started playing the game in a very short age. Due to her dedication and hard work she got real fame in the world of the game. She has an estimated net worth of $145 million in 2015. She earned a lot of rewards and awards because of her flawless game, and till 2014 she hold six-time top position. Many young players inspire by her game, there are a lot of former player regarded her as one of the greatest player in the history of the game. There are very few people who know the fact about Serena is that, she is the only player who won 60 million dollar prize money ever.

serena williams doublesSerena Williams one of the best tennis player

serena williams doublesSerena Williams hot

Serena Williams is a well-known name in the industry; she holds the title for most winning game in single or double with her sister. She also won 4 grand slam awards and her name recorded in the list of top 10 famous players among men’s and women’s. Her sister named as Venus Williams also a tennis star, both of them have held all four grand slam double’s simultaneously. Serena and Venus won 13 grand slam doubles title. She is among the 5 start who won multiple slam set. According to game analysts they claim that, with the launch of Venus Williams the power of Serena has boosted and they became unbeaten power.

serena williams doubles

serena williams doubles
Serena Williams (6)Besides all these achievement she also rules her identity on the Olympic platform, she has won four-time Olympic gold medal in which one of it in women’s single and 3 in women’s double with her sister. The records and lit of Serena achievement is uncountable and very difficult to cover all of it in single piece of information. If you really want to explore much about her then go for it, because she is true legend.

serena williams doubles

serena williams doubles

serena williams doublesSerena Williams hot tennis starserena williams career earningsSerena Williams doubles
serena williams career earningsSerena Williams at the beach serena williams career earnings

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