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Robert Downey Jr – The Iron Man



We don’t need to introduce our legendary actor Robert John Downey. He was born on April 4th in the year of 1965. By profession he is an American actor, he started his career when he was just 5 years old. Robert Downey Sr. is an amazing and famous film director due to this he got a chance to start his career in just 5 years old. In the start of his career, he uses to share a role in movies like Less Than Zero and Weird Sciences with Brat pack. Other best movies of Robert Downer Jr. were Charlie Chaplin, Air America, Soap dish and many others.

Robert Downey Jr Robert Downey young

Robert Downey Jr Robert Downey the iron man star

Robert Downey movies Charlie Chaplin was considered as the best movie of Hollywood and lead him to the nomination of Academy award for the best actor which is really good for the start of his career. In his career, he won Golden Globe awards for best actor, best supporting actor, and others.
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Robert Downey Jr

In the start of Robert Downey career, he uses to date with an actress Sarah Jessica Parker. They met on the set of Firstborn. They got separated in the year of 1991 because of Robert drug addiction. Later on, he married a singer whose name is Deborah Falconer on May 29th in the year of 1992. But this marriage also could not last long and the couple got divorced on April 26th in the year of 2004. On the set of Gothika, he met with the producer named Susan Levin. Their romance was started and lead to marriage. On August 2007, he proposed Susan for marriage and finally they got bound in an official relationship via Jewish ceremony. This time Susan helps him in quitting his drug habit and as a tribute he tattooed her name on his hand.

Robert Downey Jr

After his hard work and dedication, he is now drug-free man since July 2003. He is concentrating more precisely on his work and, fortunately, there are lots of movies which are queuing and going to release in coming days. We should pray for his better and drug-free life because his fan is his true assets.
Robert Downey Jr

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