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Paul Walker will always be remembered



Paul Walker

Our reader will feel amazing if they find us discussing about an American model, actor named Paul Walker, not because of the fact they all like him but because of his performance Walker did in his role. He reached to highest level of fame to audience of the worldwide and in Hollywood showbiz industry because of his acting and performance in the film and TV show. He did start his career while he was very young, appearing in TV commercials. In 1987, when he attaining at the age of 14 years he was cast in Programmed to Kill as the character Jason, and since then he had made a variety of role in a steady stream of movies. Walker had also majored in Marine Biology at a California community college.

Paul Walker

Paul Walker Paul Walker eyes

Paul Walker

Paul William Walker was born on September 12, 1973 at Glendale, California USA. His mother was considered to be a model of her age, which made him to do modeling and acting as a young child. Paul had grown up together with his brothers, Caleb and Cody and sisters, Amie and Ashlie. Their parents Paul William Walker III and Cheryl Walker got separated around September 2004. His forefather, William Walker was a Pearl Harbor survivor and a Navy middleweight boxing winner, while his maternal grandfather leaded a tank battalion in Italy under General Patton during World War II.
Paul Walker Paul Walker smile

Paul Walker

“Who is the Boss” and “High way to Heaven” were his early hours TV works, and with the start of 1986 when Paul Walker was thirteen years old, he starred in the horror spoof Monster in the Closet and was featured on the TV series “Throb”. After concluding Village Christian High School in Sun Valley, he joined several community colleges and at first majored in Marine Biology. Since he was very fascinated with his mother profession of acting Paul decided to pursue an acting career. With practice and know-how in modeling, a number of television guest spots, he joined the cast of “The Young & The Restless” as Brandon Collins for a 2-year stint. He was young, earning money and starring in the top rated soap opera on television. He had started spending more money than he had and after the job ended, he had tried participating Santa Barbara City College to work towards a Marine Biology degree.

Paul Walker The handsome Paul Walker

Paul Walker

Paul Walker Paul Walker the Fast & Furious star

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