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Paris Hilton Age And Net worth



Paris Hilton

Most of the visitors are very keen to know about Paris Hilton age and her net worth. Today we will discuss that in this article. The name of this lady increases the heartbeat of many people. She is the fashion diva for girls, sensational & seducing personality for men’s and true real actress in the Hollywood industry, yes we are talking about Paris Hilton. She was born in the year of 1981 on 17th of Feb. By profession she is well-known for acting, modeling, hosting and singing as well. She is granddaughter of great founder of Hilton hotel named as Conrad Hilton. Paris Hilton was born in the NY but brought up in California. When Paris Hilton was just 16 years old, she got a chance of modeling via Donald Trump’s modeling bureau. Her personal life is also very suspicious; she had a short relationship with legendary actor Leonardo Di caprio. She has a net worth of $100 million dollars

Paris Hilton Age

Paris Hilton Age

In the year of 2003, her film leads her to the height of fame as well as criticism. All over the internet Paris Hilton adult tape was circulated, in which she captured with her boyfriend named as Rick Salomon. Later on, that was not the only adult tape of Paris Hilton after some time another tape with a name of Night with Paris was released. Due to some illegal activities, she also captured by police and spent few days in lockup. Hence, her personal life was very fluctuating and covered with different unique activities.

Paris Hilton Age

Paris Hilton Age
She worked both for television and for big screen, her famous work of recognition were wish-man, sweetie pie, zoo-lander, house of wax, bottoms up and lot more. Her famous television series were, Las Vegas, The simple life, my name if Earl, Dream land and lot more. Side by side with acting, Paris Hilton also professionally launched her identity products in which watch, fragrances and fashion apparel included. As per current status, she has more than 44 outlets throughout the world. According to analysts, she earned more than 10 million dollars via selling her products. She also won many awards in which teen choice, Golden Globe, Fifi, fox reality award and lot more included. Paris Hilton is the true entertainer of Hollywood industry and a fashion icon for young girls.

Paris Hilton AgeThe gorgeous Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton AgeParis Hilton dress

Paris Hilton Age

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