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Pakistani Market Flooded with Protective Masks



Mask flood in Pakistan

In Karachi, Pakistan’s first COVID19 case was discovered in Feb 2020 and since then within days whole countrywide panic created and eventually leading in lockdown.

At the start of Covid19 in Pakistan, all types of protective masks vanished from the market, and if by some miracle consumers find a seller selling masks their prices were extremely high.

This inclined a lot of investors in Pakistan to invest in Protective masks like KN95 mask, N95 mask, 3m 9001 mask, surgical masks.

They imported in bulk now the news is coming that the mask which was sold before at 100% now has dropped down to 20% only.

It’s good news for consumers as they will get these quality imported masks at cheaper rates.

Now Pakistani Govt is saying they will lift the lockdown in mid of May, it is a good decision because most of the business community was suffering, especially small scale businessmen were suffering like shopkeepers, daily wagers, etc.




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