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Oxford Fashion Week



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The first ever Oxford Fashion Week was done back in year 2009. After the first experience, the tradition has emerged and since then it has been celebrated every year on small-scale to large-scale. It consists of difference gets up and costumes which are being worn by the high fashion models and celebrities who participate in the show. In this week’s show, it boasts everything from dressmaking to international, and high fashion ramp in a place called Norman castle. Such as the Varsity Club took place in yesterday evening, the OFW has announced its first ever appearance in 2014 which they named as the “high street show”. In the show, they showed a variety of wide range of different styles from high-end sources, from nationwide to international chains that cover different boutiques and fashion outlets in the area. It went very well throughout focusing basically on the large amount of summer collections.

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The show begin with the first top four models walking the ramp in a same matching clothing it consisted of a body fitted black dress which has the strips of black laces which made the veils for the eyes coverings which makes them look even more attractive for the show. Before coming back on top and this is where the real traditional catwalk begins. This whole catwalk was done in a casual way, but it could have been higher end and sophistication could have been added to the flavor.

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Next As a grin male model appears wearing a sunglasses and shorts for the catwalk on the ramp. The next which came to become the first runway. This young male model was accompanied by another young model who was equally well-dressed and good-looking model perfect for the evening wearing an excellent outfit. Then there comes a young female model in a black and white stunning Aztec printed robe.

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