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Olga Kurylenko is a popular model



Olga Kurylenko

Today we are going to discuss our very known, beautiful and charming actress Olga Kurylenko. She was born on November 14th in the year if 1979. By profession, she is an actress and model as well. She started her career from the age of 14 as a model. When Olga grew up to the age of 16 she moved from Ukraine to Paris for her modeling career. She did modeling for several years and in the year of 2005 Olga Kurylenko started her acting career in Hollywood. The movie which became her identity was Hitman released on 2007. People love her skills and talent in that movie.Later on Olga appeared in many movies and Quantum of Solace (James Bond series) was another remarkable work from her.

Olga KurylenkoOlga Kurylenko eyes

Olga KurylenkoOlga Kurylenko in black dress

Like other celebrities, Olga Kurylenko has also several relationships. When she moved to Paris she got her citizenship in 2001, basically she was Ukrainian but later on she changed her nationality to French. When she got nationality she got married to a photographer of France whose name is Cedric van Mil in the year of 2000 but like other weddings they got divorced just after 4 years of their marriage. Her second marriage was held in 2006 with Gabrielle Damian who is a mobile accessory entrepreneur. This time Olga Kurylenko got divorced just after 1 year. After a while, she moved towards London and settle over there. Now she is living lonely with her native’s Ukrainian people.
Olga Kurylenko

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She had a very bitter past because her parents got divorced when she was just 3 years old. Her father was a member of Soviet Union and her mother was Russian. She struggles a lot in her childhood and whatever she is just because of her hard work and dedication toward her career. Now she is very successful in Hollywood industry and working on many movies, there are several movies of her which are in the queue and going to release this year. She has a huge fan following and people love her beauty and talent, we should praise her work and pray for her success and bright future.

Olga Kurylenko

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Olga Kurylenko

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