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Neymar Barcelona A famous Football player



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Neymar Barcelona is one of the most famous sports personalities these days. Due to world happening event of FIFA 2014, footballers became very popular and players like Neymar Barcelona rule the game. Fortunately this time Brazil secure a valuable position until yet and all because of his talented and skillful players. This is all because of the presence of his and whose skill of maneuverability in the field with the ball is considered to be the best. So long he remains active in the team, the probability of winning chances in the present world cup are there.

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Neymar Barcelona waving his fans

His full name was Neymar da Silva Santos Jr. It is believed Neymar Barcelona was a son of former professional soccer player; he had followed the trend in line with his father’s footsteps by playing street games and futsal, an indoor version of the game. He was born on February 5, 1992, at Brazil.

Some time back at the beginning of 2003, Neymar Barcelona had moved with his family to Sao Vicente, where he used to play for youth side Portuguesa Santista. Later in late 2003, they shifted to Santos, where he joined Santos FC. With the promising attitude of the star and success of his youth career and enhanced income, the family bought their first belongings, a house next to the Vila Belmiro. Their quality of family life moved towards luxurious, as, at age 15, he was getting 10,000 reais per month and at 16, reached 125,000 reais per month. At 17, he had signed a full professional agreement, getting upgraded to the Santos first team and even receiving sponsorships.

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By the blessing of GOD, the star became a father of a baby boy in the year of 2011 by his former girlfriend Carolina Nogueira Dantas. This little boy had a weigh 2.81 kg. He didn’t lose the exceptional chance to follow the labor of his first child very closely. The kid’s name was at first planned to be Matheus, but later on he and the mother ended up approving that David Lucca would be a better choice. Fans are the true power of any sportsman so support him and make him feel proud for his effort.

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