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Matthew fox The Lost Hero



Matthew fox

Matthew Chandler Fox was born on July 14th in the year of 1966. By profession, Matthew is an American actor. People know him for his character Jack Shepherd in Lost drama which was on aired at the television. He was born in Abington which is located in the state of Pennsylvania. His father belongs to a pure English family, but his mother was partially Italian and partially British culture. None of his ancestors belongs to the showbiz industry. He was graduated from Deerfield Academy and later on he studied in Columbia University and take Economics as his major subject. There are very few people who know that MatthewFox has debuted his career when he was just 25 years old from an episode of Wings.

Matthew fox

Matthew fox style

Matthew fox Matthew fox the famous star from LOST

In the same year, Matthew  was casted for a short drama series named Freshman Dorm. As long as he worked for the television screen, no one give importance but finally the day comes when he got a chance for a movie and his first movie was My Boyfriends Back which was released in 1993.

Matthew fox

Matthew fox Matthew fox modelling

Like other celebrities, Matthew Fox met his wife Marguerite Ronchi when they both studied at university and after sometimes they got married because they felt they have better understanding. By the blessings of GOD, they have 2 children. Though there are not more scandals related to his marriage life and it is quite good but unfortunately he is a short-tempered person and reported in many violence cases. According to officials news he had suspected for punching a lady and for rash driving and in many other cases.

Matthew fox

Matthew fox

Matthew fox couple

Besides acting, Matthew fox is a passionate photographer and he loves taking photos. Until yet he has been appeared in many movies, according to People Magazine he was included among the 50 most beautiful people in the world which is really a big achievement for him. For his amazing talent and skills, showbiz awarded him with satellite award, Screen guild award, Golden Globe award and many others. His recent work in World War Z with Brad pit is amazing; we wish him bright and more successful future.
Matthew fox

Matthew fox Matthew fox in short beard

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