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Mark Wahlberg Workout and Weight



Mark Wahlberg is a famous actor who was born on June 5, 1971. He is basically an American actor and producer. He also used to do rap music.

Mark Wahlberg is very good actor indeed. He has done many roles in past and doing well for future movies. He has played roles of detective, sniper, marine, bodybuilder and thieves. But his favourite and all times favourite role was as a bodybuilder.

Mark Wahlberg information

Mark Wahlberg loves to do heavy workout. Yes! We are talking about his movie Pain and Gain. He has done a brilliant job in filling the character naturally. In the movie, he does hardcore weightlifting as a gym instructor.

Mark Wahlberg current weight is 78 Kg. He loves to workout.

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Mark Wahlberg Workout

Mark Wahlberg Workout pics

Mark Wahlberg Workout

Mark Wahlberg body after Workout

Mark Wahlberg Workout
mark wahlberg weight
mark wahlberg weight

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