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Leonardo Dicaprio is the most romantic actor of Hollywood



Leonardo Dicaprio

The name of Leonardo Dicaprio does not need any introduction; he is among those Hollywood actors who have a huge fan following and not even a single person could deny to recognize him. This amazing talent was born on November 11th in the year of 1974, by profession he is an American actor and producer as well. Due to his flawless acting, Leonardo has been nominated 5 times for Academy and 10 times for Golden Globe award which is excellent. Aviator movie was one of his best movies and he won Golden Globe award for that perfection. This is not the end of his award list but it’s just the start, beside these he won screen guild award, satellite award, British academy award, television award and several others.

Leonardo Dicaprio Leonardo Dicaprio in french beard

Leonardo Dicaprio Leonardo Dicaprio latest pictures

Due to his popular and chocolate personality media covers his personal life deeply. Leonardo had many relationships in which model Kristen Zang was first one, they use to date for several years. Later on, he switched to Emma Miller and then to a German model Gisele Bundchen, but none of one relationship could last long. After sometime Leonardo Dicaprio started dating with Bar Refali in November 2005 and after spending 6 years together they formally announce that their relationship has ended. Hence, whole life is struggling in order to make a perfect relationship status.

Leonardo Dicaprio

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Leonardo Dicaprio gave many successful films to the industry in which Titanic, Santa Barbara, Aviator, Critters 33 and many other included. He is one of the most romantic and stylish actors of Hollywood industry. He has won many awards in which America top award included. Like several other celebrities, he loves the environment of our world and he used to donate funds and his presence for the sake of environmental protection. He is also included among the officials member or we can say in the board of directors which are working for the betterment of our world environment. Leonardo Dicaprio Leonardo has one of the huge fan following and it is still increasing, we pray for his success and better growth in future. His upcoming project will surely win the hearts of his fans.

Leonardo Dicaprio

Leonardo Dicaprio Leonardo Dicaprio hot star

Leonardo Dicaprio

Leonardo Dicaprio

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