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Justin Bieber Age and Weight details



Justin Bieber Age is bit of a topic these days. We will try to discuss Justin Bieber Age in this post as well as his complete bio. We are best when it… Well here we go…

He is 21 year old Canadian singer who is German-Irish and English decent in himself. Justin Bieber was born in London Ontario on March 1, 1994, at the house of Patricia who raised her as a single parent with the help of her mother and stepfather. He got his schooling from Stratford, from that time he was passionate about music. He loves music so much that he learnt to play many music instruments such as guitar, drums, piano, trumpet without any teacher. At the age of 12, he participated in one music competition and won. His mother uploaded the video of his performance on youtube. His life will change after this time completely.

Scooter Braun who was searching the video of singers, coincidentally discover his video of singing and impressed so much by his talent. Braun brings Justin Bieber to Atlanta Georgia at the age of 13 and starts recording his demo tapes. Justin Bieber was singing for Usher and Braun’s joint venture called Raymond Braun Media Group. He sang his first single track called “One Time” which was the first blockbuster of him. He got his first musical debut by his album “My World” in 2009 which got number six position in billboard chart. He got marvellous success from his first album and everybody knows about his name and music instantly. He got criticized praise to his album and consider his voice as “Magical voice”. His single track of My World’s “One Less Lonely Girl” also released on radio and got musical peak which certified Gold in Canada and The USA. He also got Platinum and Double  Platinum certificate for his debut My World.

In 2011, Justin Bieber continued his professional and personal life with full swing. Personal life by dating with Disney star Salena Gomez and couple’s kissing also got by media during the Caribbean vacation. Justin Bieber took a step for his professional career by releasing his second album “Never Say Never” on February 11, 2011. The audience found more depth of his voice in this album as compared to the first album. This album achieved Justin Bieber the gross profit of $12.4 million in the first week. This album raised his popularity worldwide and Justin Bieber wanted to show people that he is not just product, Justin Bieber is real passionate of music by his album.  After two years, rumors was raised of Justin Bieber and Salena’s breakup through twitter. He and Salena were trying to carry their relationship and took a second chance to build up their relationship. But after arresting with the accused of drag racing in Miami. Their relationship was again stood on the storm. Nowadays he is drawn for his music career and audience waiting for his new album.

Justin Bieber Age detailsHere we will provide you with Justin Bieber Age and weight details.

Justin Bieber age: 21 years (March 1, 1994)
Justin Bieber Height: 5 ft 9 in or 175 cm
Justin Bieber Weight: 66 kg or 145.5 pounds


Justin Bieber Age details

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