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John Travolta – who knew he could sing as well!



John Travolta

Hollywood industry is full of talented and legendary actors, one of them are John Joseph Travolta. He was born on 18th February in the year of 1954. By profession, he is an American actor, dancer and singer as well. John started his career in the year of 1970’s by giving his presence on television series Welcome Back, Katter. That series was one of the best and successful plays of John Travolta. From the start of 1980’s his dancing career started and he use to take an interest in dancing and his acting career is almost finished from television. By the end of 1990,’s his acting skills raised again and this time his platform was Hollywood big screen.

John Travolta

John Travolta John Travolta smile

His famous movies included Pulp Fiction, Face off, Ladder 49 and many others. Like other successful actors, her also won many awards in Academy award and Golden Globe award are famous ones.

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John Travolta

John Travolta started his first relationship with an actress Diana Hyland in the year of 1974, they met on the set of ‘The boy in the Plastic bubble’ but unfortunately their relationship ended on a very bad note because Diana died because of breast cancer in 1977. Later on, he married with an actress whose name is Kelly Preston in the year of 1991 and by the blessing of GOD they bless with a baby son on April 1992. Later on, they have two more children one is a daughter and one is a son. Recently few years back, his wife claims a lawsuit against the actor for assault but his lawyer said that this is no more than a cheap fame.

John Travolta

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There are very few people who know that besides acting, John Travolta is a very good Pilot and he owns a license too. He has his own chartered planes, he use to move around or passes his free time by circulating it in the air. He is a very talented and dashing personality he has the huge fan following because some love his dancing, some love his acting and some loves his singing too. We should pray for his bright future and for his upcoming movies.

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