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Jennifer Lopez – who became the most beautiful woman of the year



The name of Jennifer Lopez does not need any introduction; every single child is familiar with her name. Her full name is Jennifer Lynn Muniz Lopez; she was born on July 24th in the year of 1969. She is an American actress, dancer, producer, recording artist and a model as well. There are very few people who knew that, she started her career with acting via a small role in a movie named my little Girl. But that was not successful for her career start this is why she came toward singing which is her passion. Secondly she was appeared on stage as a dancer In Living Color in the year of 1991. Just because of her hard work Jennifer became the first Latina actress who’s earning crosses 1 million dollars.

Jennifer LopezJennifer Lopez – J.Love

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer LopezJennifer Lopez In American Idol

In the year of 1999 Jennifer Lopez entered in the music industry and gave her debut album named on the 6, this album supports her a lot to being establish in music industry. After that she has released many of her songs and album which became world-famous and stands in the list of 100 most popular songs for years.

Jennifer Lopez

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Jennifer Lopez

Due to her huge popularity, media always focused on her personal life. In the year of 1997 she first got married with Cuban waiter Ojani Noa. Later on she was engaged in legal issues related to Noa. She sues to some publishers who tried to write a book on her marriage life. Finally she won the case and court awarded her with 545 thousand million dollars in compensation. The personal life of the star was very hectic and tough, it has ups and down which affects her career as well.

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Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer has a very successful career; besides signing she has her own brand. Jennifer Lopez has huge line up for clothing, jewelry, perfumes and other lifestyle accessories. Jennifer Lopez owns a production company as well. Besides all these she is very kind-hearted and use to attend the charitable functions continuously in order to help people who need help. She has a huge list of her fans, we must praise her for what she is doing for her better career.

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