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Irina Shayk model of sports ill swimsuit



Irina Shayk

Irina Shayk is one of the most beautiful and attractive celebrity of Hollywood. She was born on January 6 1986. Basically Irina Shayk is a model from Russian and started her career before 2007 but people start recognizing her after 2007 because she looks amazing in Sports Illustrated swimsuit Issue. From 2007 to 2014 she continuously appeared on that magazine, in-fact she was the cover model of the 2011 publication. In Russia she uses to be a music teacher in kindergarten school. She said that, she inherited her looks from her family because many people think that she is South American.

Irina Shayk model Irina Shayk smile

Irina Shayk model The most gorgeous of all Irina Shayk

Irina Shayk was very talented from her early, she use to play piano fluently when Irina Shayk was just six years old, at the age of 9 year she took admission in a music school and pursued her passion in music. But after the death of her father she quit music due to lack of money.
Irina Shayk model

Irina Shayk model Irina Shayk model

Irina Shayk loved animals and she has a pet name Caesar (Dog). Her trained dog also played a role in a movie Marley and Me. As other celebrities Irina Shayk also date with several stars but since 2010 Irina Shayk uses to date with a famous footballer Cristiano Renaldo. They met in an advertisement campaign of some brand and they started dating with each other. Her famous work is appearance on ‘sports illustrated swimsuit Issue’. Due to her elegant beauty and attractive face, she becomes a part of that magazine and continuously holds a position for that magazine since 2007 till yet. Irina Shayk has many other contracts like Beach Bunny, Guess, Catalogue of Victoria secret and one of the most famous brands Lacoste too. After her huge success many big magazine started casting her for their cover page and so that Irina Shayksigned an IMG on May 2009. She also debut her career in movie name ‘Wife of Hercules ‘which is going to release in 2014.

Irina Shayk model

Irina Shayk model
Irina Shayk is very kind-hearted person and always tries to help poor people. She and her sister helps poor and helpless children, she also contribute in making of maternity hospital in her home town of Russia.

Irina ShaykIrina Shayk smile

Irina Shayk model irina shayk hair

Irina Shayk sports ill swimsuit Irina Shayk sports ill swimsuitIrina shayk hot fotos

Irina ShaykIrina Shayk eyes

Irina Shayk sports ill swimsuitIrina shayk in lingerie

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