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Gerard Butler Height and Body



Gerard Butler is a fabulous Scottish actor, known for his movie stunning “300”. This handsome hunk is fascinating acting from his early age. He spends his time to study law, but the charm of acting was always attracting him. After graduation, he listened to his heart and started to pursue his dreams to become a popular actor. He sacrificed his law study and worked hard to achieve his goal. No doubt, his struggles are still continuing with his great charm and passion of his work. Let’s have a glimpse on the life of Gerard Butler:

Gerard Butler Personal life:

Gerard Butler bodyGerard Butler in beard

Gerard Butler was born on 13 November 1969, as the third child of Margret and Edward Butler in Paisley. He was raised with his siblings in Paisley till the separation of his parent. His parent separated when he only was an infant. He was not meet with his father until the age of sixteen.

Gerard Butler graduated from St. Mirin’s & St. Margret’s High School as a bright student. After that, he went to study law in the University of Glasgow. He was a very bright student and he has also the post of president of the law society in his university. While his teenage, he was also the member of  Scottish Youth theatre which showed his passion of acting. At the age of 20’s Gerard Butler lost his father which was very tragic time for him. After the graduation of law, Gerard Butler started a job at Edinburg Law firm as a trainee but he lost his job because of his lack of interest in law. He wants to do something which makes him famous and gives him great joy. That time, he decided to start his career as an actor and moved to London to seek his dreams.

Acting career:

At the early stage of his career, Gerard Butler failed to find any role. So just because to earn a livelihood, he did many awkward and small jobs like he worked as a waiter, telemarketer and demonstrator of toys. Afterward, he finally found work in the play named “Coriolanus” by Steven Berkoff, with the help of his teenage friend. He did work in many theatres and he was also struggling to find a major role in any movie. At the age of 30, he performed in Dracula 2000 movie. A century of 2000 became lucky for Gerard Butler that he won many lead characters in superb movies includes “Tomb raider 2”,  “Dear Frankie” and “The Phantom of the Opera”. He worked hard for his musical film, Phantom of the opera and this film also gave him the new recognition to his audience. In 2007, he got the lead role of his blockbuster movie 300. He also worked in many television series with the work of big-screen. The second super hit of his was The bounty hunter in 2010. Gerard Butler last seen movie was Olympus has fallen in 2013, he also gave voice in the both part of the film of “How to train your dragon”. He also won the award of “best fight”  for his film 300.

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Pictures of Gerard Butler are also attached! Enjoy.

Gerard Butler Height: 1.88 m

Gerard Butler body weight: 200 pounds

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Gerard Butler Height

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Gerard Butler Height

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