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Gorgeous and lovely actress Drew Barrymore is famous for her awesome multiple talents. She is popular Hollywood actress, model, producer, and director. She belongs to a well-known family which had been doing great work in cinema and film industry. She has the proud to be the granddaughter of John Barrymore and current descendent of Barrymore theater. Drew Barrymore was born 22nd February 1975 at the house of American actor John Drew Barrymore in California. She is just 40 years old. Her age is not enough if we see her achievements She got an acting debut at the age of eleven months in a dog food commercial. Her parents were divorced in her early age. Drew Barrymore appeared in the Altered States in 1980 first, but she got her recognition from her second debut from the film of E. T. The Extra-Terrestrial as Gertie after one year. She won the Young Artist Award from this film. In 1984, she got the right character for her in the film Irreconcilable Difference in which she performs the young girl whose parents divorced. 

Drew Barrymore  (12)Drew Barrymore was a very unstable girl in her childhood because of her parents separation. She just started smoking and drug at the age of nine and start taking alcohol and cocaine in only twelve. Forget rid of this she stayed in a private rehab hospital.  At the age of fourteen, she attempts suicide by cutting her wrist because of stressed and depression. She spent three months with a couple who were also the survivors of alcohol and she learned so much from them. At this stage, she wrote the autobiography “Little Girl Lost” in 1990. She has done the film “Poison Ivy” which got multiple feedback from the audience, but the best the thing is that she got her fame again through this film. After few time, she appeared in the film “Guncrazy” where she got the second Golden Glob award.

Drew Barrymore MoviesDrew Barrymore Movies

In her late teenage, she became popular among teens because of her bold attitude and nightlife. Her career started from 1995, as an adult in the film “Boys on the side”. After this movie, Drew Barrymore got many comic character and romantic comedy films. She has also done the modern fairy tale character of Cinderella in Ever After the drama in 1998. At the beginning of 21st century, she appeared in her own company ‘s film named “Flower Films”. Charlie’s Angels series movie is the most popular film of this company as director and producer. Drew Barrymore  appeared in many films from 2000 to 2010 includes “Charlie’s Angels”, “Riding in cars with boys”, “50 First Date”, “Fever Pitch, “Lucky you” and “He’s just not  that into you. She appeared in the film “Going the Distance” to express a long distance relationship with her recent boyfriend Justin Long. “Big Miracle” is the last seen of her in 2012, which got a positive review from critics. She saw many ups and down in both career and personal life, but she overcomes it and keeps doing her best.


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Drew Barrymore Movies

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