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Demi Lovato an American singer-songwriter and actress



Demi Lovato is a famous singer, songwriter and actress. She known for her great work for her album, titled “Don’t Forget”. Singing is her first identity and love. Take a view the life of thus famous and successful singer and actress who won much heart with her heart appealing voice and acting:

Demi Lovato Early life:

Demi Lovato was born on 20, August 1992 at the home of Patrick Martin Lovato in New Mexico. She raised in talented people who are successful in their field which became the foundation for Demi Lovato to choose the career of singing and acting. At the age of only two, her parents discovered. But it didn’t give any impact of her career. She started her career as a child actress in Barney and Friends as the role of Angela.

Passion of music was in her veins, Demi Lovato started to playing piano at the age if seven and until the age of ten she got know to play guitar too. She also attending acting and dancing classes with her study. She got her high-school diploma through homeschooling in 2009.

Demi Lovato Career:

Though her career started from her childhood but Demi Lovato professionally started her career in 2007 to adopt a lead role in Disney’s television film named Camp Rock which gained great ratings. She also begins to play in American series Sony with a chance. In the same year, she also released her debut album “Don’t Forget” which become placed the second number at the Billboard 200. She also worked in her own tv series in “Welcome to Mollywood” as Molly.

In 2009, Demi succeeded to won the number one place in Billboard 200 through her second music debut “Here We go again” which got the sale of 10800 copies within the first week. She has also done many live concerts to encourage her fans. After that, she worked in Camp Rock 2 which added some more stars on the sky of her fame. This film became number one television film of the year. Demi Lovato also did charity work with Jonas brothers, Milly Cyrus and Salena Gomez for the program “Disney Friends for change”.

In 2010, Demi Lovato separated from acting career and leave her famous series “Sony with a chance”. Next year, she released her third album “Unbroken” which was not taken out so much fame except one song “Skyscraper”. This song placed number ten in Billboard 200. In the same year, she accepted to play as a judge in American X-factor. Her fourth album was got the same fame as third album except her single track “heart attack” which became a blockbuster song. Nowadays, she’s working on her fifth album.

Here are some more details attached about Demi Lovato. We will include Demi Lovato photoshoot in this post and we will tell our visitors about Demi Lovato age.

Demi Lovato details

Demi Lovato age: 22 years (August 20, 1992)

Demi Lovato height: 1.61 m

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