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David Beckham the hottest soccer player



We are supposed to learn a lesson from the life history of this legend that we are going to discuss today. David Beckham had never been ashamed of during his whole life saying his father was appliance repairman and her mother was a hairdresser. In spite of his association with a poor family, he did not lose heart and disappointed with the fact that Beckham cannot have back up support from his parents in term of financial and other support. He kept continued working hard, taking a positive thing from the others, and relying on God that made him in reaching the position of recognition where everybody likes to be. Our youngsters are to take lesson from this, when like he, the David Beckham could do that, why we all being a true Muslim having more faith on Allah can’t turn our path easy making continuous and strenuous efforts. This is the point for all to ponder.

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It is in the record he had started his professional career when he was on the verge of attaining the age of 17 years. His first debut had started some time back in the year 1992 with Manchester United. His international career had started some time back in the year 1996 when he was 21 years. He remained captain and lead the team for a period of six years. During the period of his captaincy, he had played 58 times and appeared 115 during the span of his career. Besides all these facts it is true he was also given the highest wage us $ 6.5 million per year in the league’s record on fusion MLS in 2007. In 1999, he got knotted with a singer named Victoria Adam, shortly recognized as Victoria Beckham and they had four children. She had connected with a popular musical faction Spice Girls. In 2009, their combined wealth was estimated reached 125 million pound.

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David Beckham
There is no doubt he had an association with his poor parents while he was a child, but now the situation is totally different he has a net worth $ 300 million in 2013. He had spent 20 years playing football. On May 16, 2013, Beckham officially announced his retirement. Prior to his retirement, Beckham had served as a midfielder for the England national football team.

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