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Is Jeff Hardy Dead

There have been numerous rumours going on over the internet. People are searching for, whether the Wrestlers Jeff Hardy Dead.. Man? Is Jeff Hardy Dead?? The answer to that question is.. “No”. Jeff Hardy is alive and kicking. But here’s the story, he came close to being dead. On the weekend, Jeff Hardy jumps off the  top of a steel ...

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Veena malik marriage and other pics

Veena Malik is a Pakistani actress, tv host and model. Recently she has been appearing in few of Bollywood movies. She has been a controversial star ever since in indo-pak and in the rest of the world. She appeared in reality tv show big boss and after that she appeared in FHM magazine cover where she was posed as a ...

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Under The Dome Season 3 Air Date

Under The Dome is an an American science fiction drama based on a novel. It was first aired on June 2013 there has been currently two seasons which are being completed. Now the fans are anxiously waiting for the new season of under the dome season 3 air date so that they can enjoy their favorite show again.

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X-Files revival the miniseries

The x-files was a famous American science fiction drama on American television. It was initially conceived by Chris Cater. The show was on air from 1993 to 2002 accompanied with few feature films. The X-Files revival is an undergoing series of the old drama which ended back in 2002 the producers decided to launch a mini-series X-Files revival in form of 6 ...

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