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Bruce Willis Weight and height details



This name does not need any introduction, almost all people know him by his face. Full name of the star is Walter Bruce Willis. He was born on 19th of March in the year of 1955. By profession, he is an actor, producer, and writer as well. He is an American national. Bruce Willis started his career from the theater and later on he moved towards television in the year of 1980’s. His most noticeable work on television was moonlighting which was on aired in the year of 1985 to a 1989. Bruce Willis is very famous for his action, and comic skills and due to which many producers offer him Hollywood movie and he started working for the big screen. Bruce Willis is well-known for his a character John McClain in a series of Die Hard movies. Besides this, he worked in many movies which become most successful movies of that year.

Like other successful actors, he had also any relationships. First Bruce Willis met with Demi Moore on the set of movie Stakeout. They started dating and got married in 1987. They have three daughters, but, unfortunately, this marriage could not last long and they got divorced in the year of 2000. After their divorce, Demi Moore got married with a person whose name is Ashton Kutcher and Bruce Willis engage with Brooke Burn but Brooke up in 2004 just after 10 months of a relationship. After 5 years, he got married with an actress Brooke Burn in the year of 2009. Finally, they have one daughter in the year of 2012.

Bruce Willis details

Bruce Willis Height

in Meters: 1.83m

Bruce Willis Weight in Kilograms:  92kg
Bruce Willis Weight

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Bruce Willis Weight Bruce Willis Weight Bruce Willis Weight

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