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Bon Jovi

Today we are going to the highlight one of the most famous personality in Hollywood industry; yes we are talking about none other than this star. His full name is John Francis Bongiovi and people use to call him by his fame name. Bon Jovi is a musician, songwriter, singer, producer, philanthropist and an actor as well. Side by side with singing Bon Jovi is an exceptional actor and his worked in a movie Man of Rock was awesome. Until yet Jovi has released 2 solo albums and 12 studio album with his band and achieve the highest selling record which is about 130 million copies.

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There are huge fan following of Jon Bon Jovi and they really want to know about his bio-data so here it is, He was born John Francis Bongiovi, Jr. on March 2, 1962 in catholic family at Perth Amboy, New Jersey. You must be amazed on revealing that his parents were in marines of US. Jovi had two brothers, Matthew and Anthony. His father was of Italian and Slovak ancestry and his mother is of German and Russian descent. He spent summers in Erie, Pennsylvania, with his grandparents, and used to sell out newspapers while he was young and child. The family life of the star is pleasant and energetic.

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Bon Jovi

Bon Jovi
It is believed Bon Jovi had spent most of his teenage years bunking school to choose for music tricks instead and he ended up playing in local bands with friends and his cousin Tony who had owned the then well-known New York recording studio, the Power Station. As a result, his educational records displayed less than spectacular achievements and poor grades. During the year 1989, Jon had married his high school sweetheart Dorothea Hurley and the couple remains together as if today, with four children. Shortly before his marriage to Dorothea, Jon had made his first film appearance in The Return of Bruno in the year 1988, a move that would see his long-term love of music also become equally paired with a career in acting. You must appreciate his working skills because you are the only power of actors.

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