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Angelina Jolie Filmography & Biography



Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie is one of the most famous, successful and 7-star celebrities in Hollywood. She was born on June 4th in the year of 1975. By profession, Angelina Jolie is an American actress, film producer, film director, an author and screenwriter as well. If we conclude that Angelina is the legend of Hollywood industry then it will not be wrong because she is versatile, talented, beautiful and stylish. Until now, almost all the awards she has won in which, Oscar, Golden Globe, Screen actors guild award, Teen choice award and many more which can be listed in this article. This is not the end of her career, except Angelina Jolie Filmography career, she is a social worker too Angelina Jolie work for the betterment of humanitarian. Angelina was an ambassador of Goodwill community which worked under the supervision of United Nations. According to people, survey’s and polls that ranked top among the most beautiful women’s in the world. Almost all of her films became box office hit and did a business more than a millions dollar.

Angelina Jolie filmographyAngelina Jolie eyes

Angelina Jolie filmography

While discussing Angelina Jolie bio. we will discuss it in more dept. We knowmore popularity brings more scandals and critical life as she has, she has a list of relationship status. First she Angelina Jolie had a serious boyfriend since the age of 14 but when she became famous in Hollywood then Angelina Jolie quit dating with him because she felt awkward while moving on the street with him. In the year of 1995 she romanced with British actor Jonny Lee where they met on the set of film Hackers, this was her first relationship in Hollywood industry and they got married in 1996. But like other they separated in 1997. Recently she is in a relationship with Brad Pitt and fulfilling her responsibility as her wife.
Angelina Jolie filmographyAngelina Jolie smile

Angelina Jolie filmography

As Angelina Jolie filmography tells. The life of Angelina Jolie has many achievements and success; she is the legend for all industry throughout the world in Showbiz. People want to work with her because she is an amazing talent of Hollywood. She has a soft heart for the people who need money or suffering from the chronically disease. Almost in every part of the country people loves the star, we wish her a bright future and more success ahead.

Angelina Jolie filmographyAngelina Jolie Filmography

Angelina Jolie filmographyAngelina Jolie Bio

Angelina Jolie filmographyAngelina Jolie in black dress

Angelina Jolie filmography Angelina Jolie filmography Angelina Jolie bio

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