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Oxford Fashion Week

Oxford Fashion Week (5)

The first ever Oxford Fashion Week was done back in year 2009. After the first experience, the tradition has emerged and since then it has been celebrated every year on small-scale to large-scale. It consists of difference gets up and costumes which are being worn by the high fashion models and celebrities who participate in the show. In this week’s ...

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Megan Fox Model

Today we are going to discuss about the most hot and stylish personality in Hollywood industry. Ring a bell? She is very charming and talented.. Yes we are talking about the one and only, Megan Fox Photoshoot. She was born on May 16 in the year of 1986. She is an American actress and model by profession. Very few people ...

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Milla Jovovich Fashion Model, Actress

Milla Jovovich who was considered to be a Ukrainian-born supermodel, actress, fashion designer, singer and public figure, who had been on the cover of umpteen numbers of magazines, and starred in such films as Ultraviolet, the Fifth Element, and the Resident Evil franchise. Milla Jovovich was born on 17th of December in the year of 1975 in Ukraine. Bogic Jovovich ...

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Kim Kardashian Photoshoot, Age and Net Worth

Kim Kardashian is the most searchable personality over internet. Kim Kardashian was born on October 21st in the year of 1980. By profession Kim Kardashian is an American actress, model and fashion designer as well. Very few people know her full name which is Kimberly Noel as Kim and Kardashian is her family name.

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Kanye West Fires Kim Kardashian’s Bodyguard Out Of Jealously

We all know how Kanye west and Kim Kardashian got in love and got married later. Kayne west was in love with the star year before he proposed her and they got married. Recently the news came up that he has fired Kim Kardashian’s bodyguard out of pure jealously. Reports says that he fired the bodyguard just because he was ...

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Jennifer Lawrence at a Glance

Jennifer Lawrence is the one with whom everybody; we believe, are well conversant and likes she continue her acting in the film-not because of the fact she looks sexy or attractive in film but because of her acting; she used to make her acting so close to realistic one can’t sit silent but to applause enthusiastically. If you look back ...

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